Cleco has been a respected manufacturer of assembly tools for more than 120 years. The company is always developing innovative new products, and its latest breakthrough is its line of CellCore cordless assembly tools – designed to increase productivity and flexibility in all production environments.

Easy to handle and hard to break, Cleco's new cordless assembly tools are smart, durable, and built to operate in tough work environments. Their lightweight, ergonomic design decreases user fatigue with high levels of power and balance.

Offering many distinct advantages

The demands of industrial tightening applications call for tools that are ergonomic enough to use over full shifts and durable enough to withstand tough work environments. Cordless tools, in particular, offer many distinct advantages on assembly lines, especially the freedom that comes with not being tethered to a cord – an important benefit for tasks that occur in tight spaces, like installing fasteners inside automobiles. The lack of cord makes the job not only easier, but also safer for the operator, while minimizing damage to the automobile and tightening system.

CellCore cordless assembly tools are designed to handle quality-critical joints. Among the features of each device is an integrated LCD display that enables user feedback and full tool programming. Operators can program torque, speed, and error proofing on the tools themselves, while establishing passwords to ensure that only authorized staff can adjust the variables. The user can also illuminate a work piece with the tool’s LED white light, which changes to green or red depending on the result.

Cleco is already a veteran of the cordless-tool trade; its groundbreaking LiveWire wireless assembly tools helped to transform the industry by matching the accuracy and reporting abilities of corded electric tools during the previous decade.