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Operator safety when performing fastining operations is becoming a growing concerin in assembly plants such as large automotive plants. Manufacturing facilities have concerns about operators gloves or hair protectially getting stuck in the gap between the socket and extension. Such risck can now be signicatly reduced by using APEX SOCKET GAP COVERS.


The new APEX SOCKET GAP COVERS have been developed to further enhance plant and operator safety by helping minimize fastening tool related injuries on the assembly line.

Starting with engineered thermoplastic material that comines low friction and wear resistence with high impact resistance to ensure a long lasting, high quality part, APEX Socket GAP COVERS are then machined for a form fitting profile with flows from the extension to the socket keeping the outer envelope size to a minimum while providing for maximum clearance in most applications



  • Increased operator safety by removing the pinch poit between the covered sockets and extensions
  • Imporved productivity by reducing lost time to injuries and recordable incidents
  • Minimize in-system damage and marring
  • Reusable for a new set of tools
  • Superior durability -  generally outlast the free-spinning tools that they are covering
  • Easy to install via a pin-lock mechanism
  • Robust, free-spinning design
  • Verstile - one gap cover can be used for multiple socket/extension combinations

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